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This is the slug page I was using to check Static Front Page functionality.

The end results were … less than satisfactory; here’s the comment I wrote in WordPress Support:

I had Blog, About, and Page3. I created a page titled Blog Posts. In Options > Reading I selected Static, set FrontPage to “About”, set PostsPage to “Blog Posts”, and viewed the site.

Goodness: Home defaulted to About. Goodness: BlogPosts displayed posts. Goodness: Page3 is happily blithe.
But then *Whaaduh’aey?!* I see that there’s that 4th tab … the original “Blog” tab remains.

A new tab was created for BlogPosts; fine.
No damage that “About” still has it’s own tab, since in this test case things are a little confounded.
But this 4th one? That’s the sorta brain-damage stuff I diss other people’s work.

Doesn’t matter what things are called, you still end up with 2 tabs pointing to the same spot. (For my money pages should never point to themselves, so this is actually doubly wrong, but I won’t go there. Not right now.)

The same is true in another typical Static Frontpage site, but on his/her site it isn’t so painfully obvious since those links are in the sidebar.

Whatever page is set as Static FrontPage should have itself removed from the listed pages.


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