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These are implement on my Gnodal journal at ProTension.com (NB: I just now changed theme from my customized Azul to jarrah …. major diff … everything may not be working perfectly. 27MAR16:30 MDT)

  • Now running:
    • Get Recent Comments – First impression? When installed *plop-plop fizz-fizz* it proceeded to pull a different set of comments than were already present. see http://gnodal.protension.com/journal/ … and I’m leaving it there. Cuz fact is it’s got a lovely “options” function in Admin which include “length”, which I proceeded to set to 140. heh. #keeper
    • XML Sitemap Generator – The folk who don’t feel comfortable with CHMOD aren’t going to feel comfortable with this, but the installation instructions include a couple of good resource links. (Full marks to Arne Brachhold!) Now I’ve run the thing, and it’s not real obvious how well it worked but … anything this well crafted I’m likely to trust.
    • Yet Another Related Posts Plugin Author: mitcho (Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine) “Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) gives you a list of posts and/or pages related to the current entry, introducing the reader to other relevant content on your site. Key features include: …” I’ve only just installed this, so commentary is coming. (A lovely page of screenshots.) Installation isn’t simple (have to install templates into active theme) and configuration isn’t simple (a whole set of parameters) but it seems robust. Ok, got it working. Not optimized, but looks wizz-bang to me!
    • Lester Chan has a rep. He’s paradigmatic of a plugin author who supports his work; see “A Little Support?” in the WP dev blog. He’s taking a break away from WP (see his “All Good Things Must Come To An End“) but his works survives!
    • WP-PageNavi Authors: GamerZ, scribu – “Adds a more advanced paging navigation …” Okie dokie, that wasn’t too bad. A nice configuration set. I found layout messed up so edited the plugin’s CSS (Nice option, to copy the plugin’s CSS to theme, so updates don’t blow away customization.) but that didn’t quite do the trick, so reverted to default and edited the theme’s Footer style. And we’re done! Oh, woops, not quite. I had to comment out the PHP for the default “Previous | Next” display.
    • Tagaroo Authors: alexkingorg, crowdfavorite – “… gives you an integration between your WordPress blog and the Calais web service. Tagaroo fetches semantic data (people, places, events, etc.) relevant to your blog post that you can use as tags.” It works, but I’m under-whelmed by the tags it produces.
    • Table of Contents Creator Author: Mark Beljaars – “… automatically generates a highly customizable dynamic site wide table of contents that is always up-to-date.” Wonderful … see the “Index” for my new aggregate blog (Not many posts have been categorized yet.) And as for documentation, you must see the video on the plugin homepage +5
  • “Quotes” stuff (I’ll be testing a bunch of these on Groundplane WP2):
    • Quotes Collection Author: Srini G – “Ajax powered Random Quote sidebar widget helps you collect, manage and display your favourites” I just tried this. Minor quibble: it didn’t sit in the sidebar as a widget very well … Random Quotes sits just as badly, so this might be a theme specific glitch. Placing the code manually (see Quotes_Collection.JPG) worked well, which means styling it should be easy. Not so minor: a) the quotes have to be entered manually / individually, which means that b) switching themes (maybe/probably) means re-entering them. And if it doesn’t, it’s because c) they’ve been entered into the blog database, which really bugs me.
    • Stray Random Quotes Author: unalignedcoder – “… helps you collect and display random quotes everywhere on your blog. The plugin is so flexible that it can” … It really is flexible. Exhaustive styling and management options on the admin page. The phrase to dynamically load another quote doesn’t appear … don’t know why … so I’ve got it on auto-advance. (Funny how 20 seconds seems like a long time!) And, as above, had to load the quotes manually, which just.plain sucks. Apart from that it’s all good. (I had to place the code manually again … not sure why this widgets look so bad in my sidebar.)

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