WP Plugins That Need Improvement

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Again: If a plugin behaves really badly I’m going to mention it (I’ll try and keep the obscenities to a minimum) but don’t expect a lotta beta-testing. I’ve been in harness for more than 3 decades and *cough* y’all haven’t exactly left me feeling aaaaaall warm and cuddly.
What’s “bad behaviour”? How’z’bout what I found 15 minutes ago: the download page said, “You must be registered in the class to download”. And on the plugin page at WP Extend, “Post support requests here” … yaaaaa … go there to find “Comments Closed”. Screw you dewd, you ain’t gonna have me rustling around to find your email address!

  • The ToDo list:
    • Gamatan Tasks – Author: Brian Silberbauer “tracks tasks between Worpress users, allowing users to edit the description, change the task status, change the priority and assign the task to a different user.” A nice piece of work, and apparently well designed, but the documentation page really is faint. (So often folk who are familiar with some software document it as though they assume others are likewise familiar … a grave mistake.)
    • Get Recent Comments Author: Krischan Jodies – … does this work? Can’t tell by the documentation page … sad, really … it might be quite nice!
    • Asynchronous Widgets Author: Daniele Futtorovic “”Asynchronous Widgets” allows you to have any registered widget on your WordPress.org-powered site be loaded asynchronously via an AJAX call. It is configured via the admin panel. No further integration is required.” Fascinating! But *blink* is this just a coding project? Like a library? I can’t tell … as though the documentation is for those who already know. The screenshots are fascinating!
    • Simple Tags Author: Amaury BALMER – “Simple Tags is the successor of Simple Tagging Plugin This is THE perfect tool to manage perfeclty your WP 2.8 and 2.9 tags.” Sounds great, but the bizarre documentation layout put me off completely.
  • The Dumpster:
    • *bzzzzzzzzzt!!* Roy? Don’t jerk folk around. On the Extend site you point to your own site, and on that page you say “No longer maintained here; go to Extend”. How do I stay young and perky at 56? By cutting my losses. Cumulus Flash based tag cloud is a pass. (Besides which: it’s Flash. *shrug*)
    • HoyHoy! Give your head a shake! Ajax Category Posts Dropdown Author: Jay Schmidt – “Lists all categories in a dropdown box and after selecting one the second dropdown box gets populated via Ajax” … sound good? Did to me! Here’s the problem: the plugin page serves “You cannot access this page because you have not registered for the class” *well hell, man* and the support page? “Comments closed” … screw you!!

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