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“Ultimate” Plugin – soon for 2.5

The Ultimate WordPress CMS Plugin – Fresh Post // Freshout : Philadelphia Interactive Web Development Agency – “Here are some of the new features”:

– Custom Write Pages
– Snipshot Integration and Native Cropper
– Image Thumbnail Preview
– Date Picker
– Audio Player
– CSS Class for Images
– Add Custom Write Panels for Pages
– Large File Uploads and Retrievals
– Lots of Confusing UI/Process Clean-up
– Lots more in the works… it’ll be a nice surprise

Also of interest: Role Manager 2.2.1 released


Doing WP2.5 Right

Answers to Questions about Version 2.5 « Weblogtoolscollection News by Michael H – “These questions and answers were gleaned from the wp-hackers and wp-testers e-mail lists over that last several weeks.”

If you’re of a mind to get involved, there’s Michael’s wiki version “FAQ” on Codex.


In the mood for some dense geekish goodness? Check out Andy Skelton’s “Cache with Versioned Tags“. (“Just another WP hacker” … yaaaa right! *grin*)


p.s. my begging bowl is out:

Let the love-in begin! 2.5 shout-outs

-more to come-

Dashboard Widget Manager plugin for WordPress 2.5

Dashboard Widget Manager at WordPress Plugins by Viper007Bond:

“WordPress 2.5 introduces a widgetized dashboard, but unfortunately no manager for it to rearrange and remove widgets. This plugin fills that need by creating a new admin page very similiar to the new sidebar widget manager.

Heads up! WordPress » 2.5 On the Horizon

WordPress › DevBlog » “2.5 Sneak Peek”

“A customizable dashboard, multi-file upload, built-in galleries, one-click plugin upgrades, tag management, built-in Gravatars, full text feeds, and faster load times sound interesting? Then WordPress 2.5 might be the release for you. It’s been in the oven for a while, and we’re finally ready to open the doors a bit to give you a taste.”

WordPress PassWord Security

There’s more to this than I can say; I’m really not up to speed on this issue. But this post raises some of the most important points.

Paj’s Home: Cryptography: JavaScript MD5: Login System (see also CHAP Secure Login):

“The core of the login system is a “challenge response” exchange. The server generates a random number – the challenge – and sends this to the client. The client performs a hash operation including both the challenge and the password, and returns the result to the server. The server checks this against its own calculation. During this exchange, the password is never transmitted as plaintext. Replay attacks are prevented because the challenge is different every time.”

Also of interest: technosailor’s WordPress FAQ series

“Instant WordPress Beta Build”

I grabbed the title from a post on « planetOzh: “the link at the very bottom of the page that will send you a fresh build in a zip archive. Handy for when you don’t have an SVN install to play with.”

Point is that you don’t need to use SVN if you want the newest version of WordPress.
At the very bottom of trac.wordpress / trunk we find the link that Ozh mentioned.
And if you want a up-to-the-minute GZip, there’s the directory at / builds.

Nip & Tuck for WP2.5 Plugin Styles

WordPress 2.5 Plugin Settings Pages Style Guide – Joost de Valk’s SEO Blog:

“Fellow plugin authors beware! Your plugin settings pages might look pretty awful in WordPress 2.5’s new admin theme… Currently, I’m working on making all my plugins work and look good in it, and I had to do a bit of research.”

  • Migrating plugins and themes at WordPress codex