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Some of WPLift’s WP resources | @WPLift


WP Plugin Roundup

This will be an on-going project. I just started so there’s not a lot there right now; I’m going to create some blog posts (hope to use category hierarchy … that’s new for me) child pages and index them using this page.

Dashboard Widget Manager plugin for WordPress 2.5

Dashboard Widget Manager at WordPress Plugins by Viper007Bond:

“WordPress 2.5 introduces a widgetized dashboard, but unfortunately no manager for it to rearrange and remove widgets. This plugin fills that need by creating a new admin page very similiar to the new sidebar widget manager.

A Vertitable Tsunami of Goodness

I was just spidering “plugins” to find what’s what with threading comments … honest, that’s all I was intent on!
But I found myself with a whole flock of tabs … so here’s the bufferdump (as it stand this moment … I’ll prolly update this in the next few hours). has really blown my socks off:

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  • Nip & Tuck for WP2.5 Plugin Styles

    WordPress 2.5 Plugin Settings Pages Style Guide – Joost de Valk’s SEO Blog:

    “Fellow plugin authors beware! Your plugin settings pages might look pretty awful in WordPress 2.5’s new admin theme… Currently, I’m working on making all my plugins work and look good in it, and I had to do a bit of research.”

  • Migrating plugins and themes at WordPress codex
  • Plugin for Advanced MyBlogLog Widgets

    Jason Tan’s “MyBlogLog plugin” at WordPress:

    “The MyBlogLog WordPress plugin provides two main features: First, it makes two sidebar widgets available: recent readers and community members. […] Second, the plugin creates an entire community members section inside your blog.”

    MyBlogLog WordPress Plugin at (documentation page c/with download link)

    BTW/FYI: PHP MyBlogLog at