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WP Plugin Roundup

This will be an on-going project. I just started so there’s not a lot there right now; I’m going to create some blog posts (hope to use category hierarchy … that’s new for me) child pages and index them using this page.

Yahoo! Shortcuts – test post done [updated]

Well … now has this plugged in and running.

After installing the Yahoo! Shortcuts plugin (read the “Other Notes” after installing) I reposted something from MozDawg, a quasi-rant on Web2.0 and “silos” … did I get some “shortcuts”? Sure did … 2:

  • Websearch “BusinessWeek”
  • Websearch “Web2.0”

What can I say … mehh.

Addendum: When the “shortcut” happens to be a link there’s no indication … you can’t tell. Sooo the operation is entirely dependent on CSS.

*Knock knock knock* Anybody home?

NB: At codex wiki, my “”scratch list” of editor-related resources

*I think I’ve found a workaround: <blockquote>seems to force things to behave properly, even though the code doesn’t shot up. Let’s see. [Such a freaking waste of time!!!!!!!! Nope … no such luck. A totally pathetic sham excuse for an editor*

I just spent a while as wiki-gnome at Codex … just the right thing to do, you know?

Imagine how !pleased I was to find the following story/ies in my WP feed digest:

“to this day, I continue to see new incoming links from the older version, the buggy version, from RockinBizRed on the WordPress Theme Viewer, the official site for WordPress Themes, a site which continues to be closed to WordPress Theme authors and designers for updating their designs.
This really isn’t fair to the user of that theme. It’s not their fault the official WordPress Theme Viewer, a site they trust, delivered them an out of date, buggy theme.”
WordPress Theme Viewer — Still Crippled” – December 10th, 2007, by Nathan Rice

(The last post on the ThemeViewer blog is dated 1SEP07 … “Bugs Fixed”)

see also “Access Requested to the WordPress Theme Viewer” – Lorelle on WordPress

Guys? folk? ‘matticians? I have a question for you: “WTF?

Yesterday I got totally grossed out by the pathetic excuse for an editor I found in “Admin”. Now this. Holy crap …

– such a piece of crap. Ayup … NL lost on this period space. And on every spacer line below. Again.[I’m in CodeView … how come I can see the code? you know, the “source”? the HTML? Gaaaaaaaaawwwwwwl-dang! This is so incredibly lame … 2007 and I’m wrestling with white-space. Ok, fine, I’ll use & and <br />!!!]. There was a period all by itself on this line. Editing caused the NL to disappear, adding the period to the end of the previous line. [Sweet … switching from Visual to Code makes newlines disappear. And nobody noticed this before?! Incredible.]

. There were 3 spaces before this period. Editing caused the spaces to disappear. !Sweet.

[NB: 5th time I put a newline before this title!!][gets better … the freakin’ junk lost my “editor, theme viewer” tags. !Impressive.]
[lamer and lamer … even in “Visual” you cannot enter an ampersand … how totally lame. Users have been putting up with this heap of dung?! Dis-heartening, really.]

– such a piece of crap.[Know what? Netscape3.5’s “Composer is far far far far far far far better than this environment. (In “Visual” I see a nice HR, centered, 45% width. On my blog? No such luck.) Now, go ahead and tell me everybody’s so GD good at what they do. And I’ll shove1750 pages of MIL-SPEC manual I’ve written right up where the sun don’t shine.].

– such a piece of crap
Buffer dump:my user page at codex wiki

Posting from iframe

AlphaDawg’s WP Admin … kewl

Testing ScribeFire

Some sort of CMap or Compendium demo … how much work went into this? for what, in the end?

Powered by ScribeFire.

Hello world!

*left in place just cuz*

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