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WP Plugin Roundup

This will be an on-going project. I just started so there’s not a lot there right now; I’m going to create some blog posts (hope to use category hierarchy … that’s new for me) child pages and index them using this page.

Buffer Dump 27DEC07

An editor that blows away markup and an RSS system that blows away feed data … ain’t it fun to be working with toys instead of tools? (Hint: no f’n way.)

Looking through my backup material (including a set of OPMLs) I came across this swath of links … it’s crude to just paste, but I’m tired and a tad bummed out. (Hard to do work when high-ridden folk are trashing your stuff.)

So, without more prelude, a slab of links.

A list from Graphic Design Blog | “WordPress as a CMS – Content Management System”:

  • Five WordPress Enabling Plugins
    This article from Blaze Media talks you through 5 WordPress Plugins which make it easier to use WordPress as a Content Management system
  • Creating Custom Templates for WordPress
    Charity at Design adaptations gives a step by step guide to creating template pages in WordPress –
    “One of the ways I use WordPress as a CMS is by way of custom templates. The kind of pages which can be added using template files that you define are virtually limitless. Say you want to showcase your Portfolio. You might need a layout vastly different from your default pages.” Charity has several other articles about using WordPress including Configure WordPress as a CMS.
  • 5 Reasons to use WordPress as a CMS
    David Peralty at Blogging Pro shares his 5 reasons that WordPress should be used as a CMS.
  • WordPress Ecommerce Plugin
    A plugin from which brings ecommerce to WordPress. (as mentioned above by Jennifer)
  • How to Install WordPress Locally on Windows
    J David Macor gives a step by step guide on how to get WordPress running locally on a PC, ideal if you want to test your WordPress website before releasing it publicly.
  • How to Install WordPress Locally on a Mac

    Michael Doig gives a step by step guide on how to get WordPress running locally on a Mac, again ideal if you want to test your WordPress website before releasing it publicly.

  • Using WordPress as a CMS
    Blog helper has several different articles about using WordPress as a CMS including how to use WordPress to create a portfolio site
  • The Revolution CMS Theme
    Brian Gardner has created a premium WordPress theme called Revolution – a magazine style CMS theme.
  • Another to Adaptations to WordPress to Use it as a CMS
    This article from gives more information about working with categories, adding a FAQ page, a contact form and making sure the whole WordPress website is searchable.
  • WordPress Sandbox Theme
    The Sandbox theme at is a very minimalistic theme ready to be styled in any way you wish. If you are looking for a fairly blank canvas to start your WordPress CMS website and know a bit about CSS it could be a place to start.
  • Customise your WordPress Login
    David at David Airey has an article on how to customise your WordPress Login page. This could be useful if you are using WordPress to build a CMS website for one of your clients and want the login page to fit in with their corporate look.
  • How to hide pages and rearrange your menu in WordPress
    Randa at Randa Clay Design discusses how she worked out how to rearrange wordpress navigation and hide elements she did not want to appear.
  • Using WordPress as a CMS
    Char at Essential Keystrokes talks you through how she made a website using WordPress as a Content Management System.
  • From Weblog to Cms
    This article by John McCreesh at can show you how to create a static home page if you are using an older version of WordPress.
  • How to Create a WordPress Theme
    An article by Jonathan on how to put together a WordPress Theme from scratch.

*knock knock* Someone home?

Manage blogroll … oh, yaa, for sure, good idea, proper thing.

“Order by rank” …. uhh, yaa! So I can promote mine to the top of the list. Oh, “0” is default. So my top blog should have the higest rank, rrrright?
What?! Default “0” sets every single arbitray blog I add //above// the one I most want promoted? Isn’t that, well … brain-damaged?

Ohhhhhh more fun!
When I edit a blog’s Rank I find that “Order” has slipped back to “By Name”!
So not only do I need to change every arbitrary blog to something lower than my primary blog, but I have to remember to reset “Order” to By Rank”!
Goodie goodie … I didn’t have enough to do just now.

c’mon … really … doesn’t anybody ever beta-test this stuff?!