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Reading up on “comments” again


WP Plugin Roundup

This will be an on-going project. I just started so there’s not a lot there right now; I’m going to create some blog posts (hope to use category hierarchy … that’s new for me) child pages and index them using this page.

Building Community Websites: Navigation and Usability

Building a Tourist Community Website With WordPress: Navigation and Usability Rules « Lorelle on WordPress

“We’re going to write a WordPress Plugin that makes sure Baripedia doesn’t break up every time URLs change. This plugin will replace public URLs with internal page IDs just like the original default URLs, similar to what WordPress does with its canonical redirects now, but differently. When rendering, it will replace those internal page IDs back to the current permalinks. This will make the entire site completely indifferent to the URL scheme that we choose and to page hierarchy.

Stay tuned for more news on how this breadcrumb navigation and redirection WordPress Plugin develops.

Great stuff … solid, and really well written.

p.s. almost entirely unrelated: Lifestream displays your social feeds and photos much like you would see it on many of the social networking sites. from … not light, and apparently it bogs some … but sure would be nice as an addition to a personalized About page, a UserProfile page. on Tags and Categories

Software: TDO Tag Fixes WordPress Plugin – “Some fixes and extensions for WordPress tags such as a tag cloud using only tags found in a specific category and also tag and category intersection.”

Ward references Ryan Boren’s “Taxonomy Intersections and Unions“.
I gotta tell you, on the subject of corporate culture, there is something that really really really pisses me off about that sort of document. (Who am I to talk, you ask? I’ve been working on technical documents since 1972. And I’ll say there’s only a very slight probability that you have any clue what “heavy lifting” is really all about. MIL-SPEC FMECA, NORAD/SAC comms, TELCO … mind-bendingly difficult, and all of it has to be written squeaky clean.) I don’t want to be insulting, but there’s a way of writing something in 15 minutes that leaves 90% of the readers in the dark … “hermetic” … and it could be clarified with another 30 minutes spent on clarification.

A reference document stands and works for weeks and months. “Too busy” to do it right in 45 minutes? Snotty crap … plausibly-deniable passive aggression. Take your “too busy” and shove it you.know.where.