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Real tools for real needs: IM is not email, blog is not wiki

“when it comes to ease of use, a blog platform beats or average CMS hands down. So why have I been stuck with so many clunky CMS systems over the years? There’s a host of reasons, but most of these afflictions come from strange IT management practices.”

Hear, hear!
That from ZDNet blog, by Larry Dignan, “WordPress vs. an army of clunky content management systems” (17DEC07)

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WPMU and WP as CMS

Final Verdict for Using MU to Power Multiple BlogsI almost regret going with MU. It lacks the polish of regular WordPress, and the community is a lot smaller. I feel a lot more left out on my own here, than I did when I first ventured into WordPress.However, the ease of which I can create blogs – allowing public creation or not – makes up for it. Just having to update on blog system, on set of plugins, that also saves me time.While I wouldn’t pick MovableType over original WordPress, the lack of support and help for MU makes me wonder if there’s something better out there.

If you know your way around WordPress, and know a little about PHP, then WordPress MU is a good choice for powering multiple blogs. Otherwise you’ll have a hard time, or harder at least – MU isn’t as user friendly as original WordPress.
Devlounge | “Using WordPress MU to Power Multiple Blogs”

“Perhaps of more concern though is the lack of ‘independence’ that the blogs have in terms of templates and plugins. For example, it is currently impossible (beyond designing and having uploaded your own individual template) to edit a template to your choosing and if you want a particular plugin, then you’ve just got to persuade the admin to make it available site-wide.Indeed, it could be argued, that if WordPress can live up to it’s promise as being *the* excellent independent blogging tool, then as long as WPMU only allows a limited amount of independence to each blogger … this opens up the field for whoever effectively can. “

BlogSavvy | “Giving Blogs with WPMU”