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8+ Things You’d Like To Know Just Now

10 Things You Need To Know About WordPress 2.7 |; as I tweeted just now, “Pretty much MustRead … mucho shiny.” You’ll prolly also want to read December 11, 2008 – WP2.7 “Coltrane” (by Matt. Filed under Development) at
And while you’re at Aaron’s site, check out his TwitPitch plugin, an alternative contact form that originates a DM to you. This is a brilliant idea, but Aaron informs me that it quit working a little while ago … deff promote as ToDo.

This all has me wondering if I’m still need to find a good comment threading plugin or not.


Jeff Chandler’s “List Of WordPress Plugins I Use“. Thanks to Jeff for that list and for pointing me to “30+ Tools to Turn WordPress into a Personal Hub” at Mashable. (And his tip on redirecting snoops away from your plugin directory.)

Other plugins of interest:

  • Sideblog … kinda like tweets directly into your sidebar. Related would be tWPtter (pronounced t-WHIP-ter), which is “a micro-blogging plugin for WordPress”.
  • Custom Field Widgets Plugin … one of many; I’m going to munge through this whole type to find what will fit a very specific need. More l8r
  • “With Comment Sorter, readers can disable Trackbacks and also decide what order they would like to read the comments.” Yaaa, that’s the sorta customize functionality I want: neat and user-friendly.
    Also by, WP Ajax Edit Comments: “allows users and admins to edit comments on a post. Users can edit their own comments for a limited time, while admins can edit all comments”.
    From “7 Great Examples of WP Threaded Comments”
    I spoze this is the place to put “MyCaptcha for Comments“. Not what I need just now, but dandy if your situation is different.
  • Use WordPress as a Forum! … who can resist this? See it in action on TheDeadOne’s site.
  • Role Manager -“WP2.0 introduces the concept of Roles. Each Role is allowed to perform a set of tasks called Capabilities. This Plugin allows you to define and manage multiple subscriber profiles – called Roles and their Capabilities. Also you can create new Roles and Capabilities.” There is also Role Scoper to be considered; I’m gonna need to roll something like this into Mooo.
  • Rate Your Comments (Comment Karma). In line with this is SezWho; “a comment rating/reputation based service. Users rate on comments for a given post which can in turn, leverage ratings of a commenter on other blogs.”
  • Here’s two I consider non-negotiable: Subscribe to Comments and Live Comment Preview. Somewhat related, WP_EasyReply. (Jeff has posted an elegant enhancement to this.)
  • QuickPost WordPress Plugin – “Inspired by the’s bookmarklet … this plugin allows you to quickly post text, images, photos, quotes, and videos to your WordPress implementation.”
  • And mebbe just cuz I luv tabbiness: Tabbed Widgets (“one can easily create tab and accordion type blocks of content without writing a single line of code. Simply select the widgets you want to appear as tabs, specify their tab titles and a new tabbed widget is created automatically”) and post Tabs (“postTabs allows you to easily split your post/page content into Tabs that will be shown to your visitors.”))

Not spidered: Ozh reviews the WordPress Plugin Competition 2008: Part One and Part 2 of 2.


p.s. WordPress et al is doing a GPL shakeout … started with “cleaning up” the themes collection, but it’s reverberating down into plugin territory. Viz.: “”Why Were 200 WordPress Themes Removed?” and “Removal of 200 GPL-licensed WordPress themes; Automattic putting the boot to premium theme developers

A Vertitable Tsunami of Goodness

I was just spidering “plugins” to find what’s what with threading comments … honest, that’s all I was intent on!
But I found myself with a whole flock of tabs … so here’s the bufferdump (as it stand this moment … I’ll prolly update this in the next few hours). has really blown my socks off:

Most Popular Posts

Also from

  • 50+ Amazing Jquery Examples- Part1 Posted in: jquery (20DEC07) and 45+ Fresh Out of the oven jQuery Plugins (05MAR08)
  • Mastering Your WordPress Theme Hacks and Techniques – part 1 of 4 part “Guide to Master”
  • WordPress PassWord Security

    There’s more to this than I can say; I’m really not up to speed on this issue. But this post raises some of the most important points.

    Paj’s Home: Cryptography: JavaScript MD5: Login System (see also CHAP Secure Login):

    “The core of the login system is a “challenge response” exchange. The server generates a random number – the challenge – and sends this to the client. The client performs a hash operation including both the challenge and the password, and returns the result to the server. The server checks this against its own calculation. During this exchange, the password is never transmitted as plaintext. Replay attacks are prevented because the challenge is different every time.”

    Also of interest: technosailor’s WordPress FAQ series

    Bits and Pieces Today

  • First off, “More Than Blogging Software « WordPress Publisher Blog
    from Lloyd Budd’s “Publishers Blog” at, about “WordPress being used as more than blogging software”. A nice selection including Raj Dash’s “48 Unique Ways To Use WordPress” at
  • Joost de Valk’s contact form plugin … provides a nice little reader feedback form
  • Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator plugin, “generates a XML-Sitemap compliant sitemap”. Maybe not mission-critical, but this deserves to be on the ToDo list.
  • In the news department: Matt announces that Andy Peatling has joined Automattic and the company is now backing Andy’s project, BuddyPress
  • Buffer Dump 23JAN08

  • OpenID WP Plugin:

    “an open, decentralized, free framework for user-centric digital identity. Applications may use OpenID to assert ownership over a given identity url. The wpopenid plugin lets visitors to a WordPress blog quickly register, login, and leave comments using their OpenID Identity.”

  • Now this is a real zinger: greet people who come to your blog from one of the “social software” sites like Digg or StumbleUpon (I tested it; it works!) : Socialize Me
  • Redirecting a large number of posts to their new WordPress permalinks
  • Feed Footer WordPress Plugin:

    “a must-use essential WordPress plugin once again. Feed Footer is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add footers under all your blog posts in your RSS feed. With this nifty plugin, you can add copyright notices under all your Blog Posts in the RSS feed [and more]”

  • WP-Forum, WordPress plugin; see it to believe it: Forums at Also from Fahlstad, WP-Cal, WordPress calendar plugin (runs on its own page) and fQuick, WordPress SideNotes plugin, “a plugin which enables the user to add small custom quicklinks to the sidebar. With RSS feed for easy syndication.”
  • Handyman special: Super Category (multi-blog) plugin – V 0.8, works for WordPress 2.1 only:

    “The Super Category plugin allows you to have multiple websites running off of one install and one database (one set of tables). The websites can share content if you wish it, and can have different titles, descriptions and themes. This plugin is a true plugin: there are NO HACKS and NO THEME EDITS of any kind. The plugin works with any other plugins and themes that use WordPress’ built in APIs, and features modular functions that can even make other plugins that use custom queries work also.”

  • Also of interest: ShowYourself:

    “a simple to make, easy, free and fun utility to help establish your identity across the web. Have a Flickr account and a Facebook and AIM? Combine all your profiles on the web into one attractive widget that you can put on your blog, your myspace or anywhere on the web.”

  • Buffer Dump 18JAN08


    In the OpenID department: Social WhiteList with OpenID
    Also: “OpenID Delegate WordPress plugin will add OpenID delegation abilities to your blog, thus allowing you to sign in to various OpenID supported sites using your blog’s URL.” and “WordPress YADIS/XRDS is a WordPress plug-in to aid in delegating your OpenID to another server.”

    Buffer Dump 17JAN08

    First and foremost: a plugin that seems to hit the nail on the head when it comes to “taming WP WYSIWYG” (thanks to Stephen Cronin for the heads up on this):

    Raw HTML Plugin for WordPress” – “To prevent some part of your post or page from being processed and “texturized” by WordPress, wrap it in <!–start_raw–> … <!–end_raw–>” by Janis Elsts at

    By way of context: I’ve been having an on-going exchange with Stephen Cronin in his blog about WYSIWYG being over-bearing and also I’ve put together what I hope is a pretty comprehensive resource list at codex.wordpress.

    Update: the plugin’s author answered my inquiry with this:

    The plugin doesn’t “tame” the editor in any way (that’s why I say that using the visual editor is “not recommended” in my post).
    Actually, it only runs when a post is <em>displayed</em>. The plugin intercepts the content surrounded by the special tags and saves it in internal variables before WordPress can “prettify”. Then, after WP is done messing with the rest of the post, it adds back the “raw” content in the right places.
    So the visual editor is still at large

    WP-chgFontSize allows readers to change the page’s font size dynamically , storing their selection in a cookie. “It can be used as a widget or directly as a PHP call in the theme.”

    13 plugins that will make WordPress into a CMS

    WP PHP 101

    “the quickest, simplest PHP tutorial around, and the only PHP tutorial written specifically for the average WordPress user, covering only the minimal amount of PHP necessary to competently modify your themes (and maybe even to modify plugins).”

    Buffer Dump 1JAN08

    Happy 25th Birthday TCP/IP! (born 1JAN1083)

    Filosofo Home-Page Control is a plugin that lets you: * put pages on the same Permalink level (or higher) as the blog’s directory and * set which page you want to be the >home< page.”

    Creating a Static Front Page at codex.wordpress

    Wysiwyg Editor Plugin from SemioLogic lets you override the default rich text editor with FCKEditor, which is used in enterprise production environments by Oracle among others.” [updated to v2.4]
    Also from SemioLogic:

    The Custom Query String (CQS) plugin – writeup at; “that well known, this is a powerful plugin offering functionality I have been seeking for ages on my blog. The plugin allows you to specify how many pages to display on different sections of your blog, such as 5 posts on your home page, 10 posts on your archives, 30 posts on your search results, etc.”

    Also of interest, “No Free Lunch; A Fundamentl Turn Towards Concurrency in Processing” explains why we don’t have 10GHz processors, not even 4GHz.

    p.s. I’m also 1) updated my WYSIWYG codex page and 2) created a “The Loop” resources page there

    Buffer Dump 29DEC07

    *NB: What some folk are calling “upgrade” lots of other folk are calling “update”. (I’m in the latter group.)*

    LaughingSquid writes: “The WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plugin Rocks

    “The WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plugin, created by Keith Dsouza of Techie Buzz, is one of the best WordPress plugins ever written. It makes upgrading WordPress quick and super easy, letting you know exactly it what is doing each step of the way.
    It it does a backup of both your files and database, grabs the latest version of WordPress, disables and then re-enables your plugins and even puts your blog into maintenance mode during the upgrade.”

    And there is also this “WPAU” plugin from aka “WordPress Plugin Competition Blog”:

    “WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plugin saves you all the headaches and efforts while upgrading your wordpress installation. Here is what the WordPress Automatic Upgrade does.
    [list of 10 items left out]

    And now, returning to regular programming:

    Buffer Dump 23DEC07

    Slim pickin’s today … busy with cooking and such, putting up my most recent batch of beer, like that.

    Widgetizing themes … a GoodThingToDo, right? “Add Widget Support to Your WordPress Theme” from, and “How to Widget-Enable WordPress Themes in 3 Easy Steps”

    “If you’d like to re-arrange the order that WordPress displays posts: ”aStickyPostOrderER : Plugin To Change WordPress Post Order”

    “[After having used]tags on my blog for years […] I missed was nice Tag Cloud widget. Default WP one just printed all tags without giving any control to user about how it have to look.” … with my category cloud I set smallest / largest; this does more? “Hrw tag cloud widget