Customizing PressThis

ITGeek just tweeted: “#WordPress – A tad too complicated for me: can I change PressThis so it applies a category to a post?”

For a peculiar project (posting a big heap of pages) I’d like to have a small set of custom b’marklets.
What I want is to select text on a page, click the correct ‘marklet, and have it impose the correct category, according to which I clicked.

Here’s what Codex says:

The bookmark calls

  • u = the url of the current page
  • t = the title of the current page
  • s = the text selection from the current page
  • i = url of an image file

So I need to add a 5th variable there. I can probably code the b’marklet to pass that variable, but when it comes to changing pressthis.php so that it receives and makes use of that 5th variable … that’s over my head!


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