10 – X Best Plugins for Comments

10 – 4 …. I found six good ones from this list.
*ripped from 10 Best Plugins To Get More Comments [Makes me crazy when folk say “Check here” and they aren’t even using the plugins they just pimped … insanity, pure and simple. -bdt]

Here are the ones that really caught my eye (not confirmed/verified):

Came across this one while rummaging around: Top Commenters Plugin / Widget.

Ok … I just couldn’t quit; here’s a whole other set:

  • AJAXed WordPress (AWP) – “harnesses the power of both AJAX and WordPress to improve the user experience, the administration capabilities and the design potential of any WordPress based blog. Some of AWP’s features include loading posts inline, inline comments, threaded comments, AJAX comment submission, AJAX Navigation, live comment preview and much more. All aspects of the plugin are easily customized through a single Administration panel.”
  • Category Posts Widget 1.3 – “Category Posts Widget is a light widget designed to do one thing and do it well: display the most recent posts from a certain category. Features: Specify how many posts to show; Set which category the posts should come form; Optionally show the post excerpt
  • Insights – “brings a powerful new way to write your blog posts. With Insights you can very quickly (in couple of seconds) do the following: Search your blog for posts, edit them or insert links to them into the current post; Insert Flickr Images; Insert Youtube videos; Search and link to Wikipedia; Search Google; Insert a Google Map”
  • In Series – “lets you write series of posts in WordPress, without having to deal with the hassle of manually writing up tables of contents or “next” and “previous” links in each post. It adds a new set of controls to the post editing screen, allowing you to add the post to a series (new or existing), re-order the post within a series it’s already in, or remove the post from a series entirely.”
  • MultiPage ToolKit – “the ultimate companion for people who use the multi-page capabilities of wordpress. Easy to use fully integrated in to the wordpress visual editor (tinyMCE) (WordPress 2.5 and above) and simple to use options page to create great navigation links. No coding required !!!! Using the nextpage button in the editor or the <!–nextpage–> quicktag you can create multi-page posts, and this plugin gives you three functions that extend this functionality even more!!”
  • Rob Marsh’s Recent Posts – “displays a list of your blog’s newest posts. The output can be customised in many ways.”
    • Also by Marsh, and related: Similar Posts – “displays a list of posts which are related or similar to the current post.
  • andre renaut’s MyCaptcha (I almost forgot about this!!) “Allows you to display a captcha on your comment form to avoid spam.”
  • list of posts by category – “displays a list of the posts from each category of your WordPress installation. It can be added to a post or page, or used directly in a template file.”
  • Of special interest to my uses: AZIndex Plugin – “or generating alphabetical indexes of your weblog’s posts. Enhance your WordPress blog by creating multiple, three-level alphabetical indexes of your posts based on any combination of post title, author, extract, or custom fields of your choice. Select which posts are included in your indexes using a combination of categories and tags, display them in up to four columns on a single page or over multiple pages.” see Demo1 and Demo2

Grande finale: a fabulous list of plugins; WordPress Plugins I Use from Vladimir Prelovac’s site.

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