Future WP as CMS? Today: WordPress as Forum

*Yes, I know, WP is being used as CMS in lotsa places … just my way of making a good headline.*

From thedeadone.net: “Use WordPress as a Forum” (powered by TDOMiniForms)

“It works by treating Categories as Forums and treating Posts with omments as Topics. I’ve also built in a number of features to the theme:
* Lists Posts by date of last comment (instead of published date) (included as a page template)
* Unread topics are highlighted and can be used to filter posts list (included as a page template)
* A hierarchical Forum list (included as a page template)
* AJAX Comment Preview (can be turned off)
* Comment QuickTags (can be turned off)
* Forum-looking Layout
* Pages and Categories can be used as Tabs (configurable)
* RSS 2.0 Feed of forum posts (can optionally be included in the theme or replace the main post RSS feed link)


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  1. The Dead One on

    Thanks for another shout-out! 🙂

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