Categories and Tags – Search, Sort, and Display

This arose clearly with “Is it possible to use a category and some tags to select a post in the 2.3.x version of WordPress?” by Burobjorn in “tags, categories and selecting posts” on the [wp-hackers] mail-list.

It isn’t as simple as it might seem: in the next reply, Christine Davis pointed out, “It is possible, but it requires sorta abusing the API a little”. She also included a link to her nifty little category/tag cloud experiment.

A potential solution lies in making the best of Software: TDO Tag Fixes WordPress Plugin [ ]:

did you know that you can display multiple tags in the one archive and even generate a feed for that? WordPress 2.3 introduced native tagging support, which is rather nifty. This plugin is simply intended as an example of how to implement tag and category intersections. [see Boren on “Taxonomy Intersections and Unions”]

In his email to [WP-Hackers] Mark Cunningham sets this out very neatly: “You can see it in action here. Go any category and then the tag cloud in the sidebar updates to show only tags within that category. Select tag from the tag cloud and it’ll list only posts in that category with that tag.”

With reference to his site (“Murder of Crows RolePlay“) Mark sets it out in a reply to a comment by me:

“… there is loads of categories – one for each “game”. Have a look at the tag cloud on the front page, then select a “game” from the sidebar. You should see that the tag cloud changes, showing only the tags used within that category. Click on one of the tags and it’ll only show you posts from that “game” with those tags.”

Also of interest: “Version 0.10 of TDO Mini Forms” – “This plugin allows you to add a form to your website that allows your readers (including non-registered) to submit posts.”


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