This is not a Buffer Dump! Moving in w/google apps

Raanan Bar-Cohen’s “Switched to Google Apps for Personal Email” sums it up real well, especially as he points to Scott Hanselman’s “Migrating a Family to google apps”.

So, if you can map your domain … I think it’s just about time to make the leap. And I’ve been using Mozilla mail since 1996, recently w/IMAP from a grand-fathered account … so this has been a long time coming.

BTW: I’m planning on setting up an account just so I can send all my saved POP3 mail to it, to see if GMail’s search functionality is all it’s cracked up to be.


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  1. Edward Vielmetti on

    Gmail search is pretty darn good.

    I just turned up an IMAP remote access to Gmail using pine (the mailer I first used 15 years ago) and it all more or less seems to work. That for me at least is worth the price of admission.

  2. bentrem on

    *Does do email notification of replies? I’m /really/ spoiled by years with LiveJournal.*

    Awesome coincidence: I not 10 minutes ago download a PY GMail POP3 script … @Stammy ‘s “Download with NewsGroups” … as a remote controller … kinda reminds me of how we usta lash things together using packet in ham-radio. What’s old is new again?

    I should be using S3 (lamest of lame reasons: I have no line of credit) but, failing that, am imagining using GMail as non-trivial storage for text … a veritable blizzard of resources!

    And huh huh … I still telnet over to my legacy account now and again; Pine there is working like ummmmm a well-oiled Swiss top?

    I don’t think many yunguns grok command-line like Stammy does … I think the fact that we had no bloody alternative is why we’re still comfortable with it. (My gawd, the productivity I maintained week-in / week-out w/WordPerfect5.1 and AWK! I think most folk today would faint at the sight of that sort of through-put and heavy-lifting.)



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