Buffer Dump 23JAN08

  • OpenID WP Plugin:

    “an open, decentralized, free framework for user-centric digital identity. Applications may use OpenID to assert ownership over a given identity url. The wpopenid plugin lets visitors to a WordPress blog quickly register, login, and leave comments using their OpenID Identity.”

  • Now this is a real zinger: greet people who come to your blog from one of the “social software” sites like Digg or StumbleUpon (I tested it; it works!) : Socialize Me
  • Redirecting a large number of posts to their new WordPress permalinks
  • Feed Footer WordPress Plugin:

    “a must-use essential WordPress plugin once again. Feed Footer is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add footers under all your blog posts in your RSS feed. With this nifty plugin, you can add copyright notices under all your Blog Posts in the RSS feed [and more]”

  • WP-Forum, WordPress plugin; see it to believe it: Forums at Fahlstad.se. Also from Fahlstad, WP-Cal, WordPress calendar plugin (runs on its own page) and fQuick, WordPress SideNotes plugin, “a plugin which enables the user to add small custom quicklinks to the sidebar. With RSS feed for easy syndication.”
  • Handyman special: Super Category (multi-blog) plugin – V 0.8, works for WordPress 2.1 only:

    “The Super Category plugin allows you to have multiple websites running off of one install and one database (one set of tables). The websites can share content if you wish it, and can have different titles, descriptions and themes. This plugin is a true plugin: there are NO HACKS and NO THEME EDITS of any kind. The plugin works with any other plugins and themes that use WordPress’ built in APIs, and features modular functions that can even make other plugins that use custom queries work also.”

  • Also of interest: ShowYourself:

    “a simple to make, easy, free and fun utility to help establish your identity across the web. Have a Flickr account and a Facebook and AIM? Combine all your profiles on the web into one attractive widget that you can put on your blog, your myspace or anywhere on the web.”

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