Buffer Dump 1JAN08

Happy 25th Birthday TCP/IP! (born 1JAN1083)

Filosofo Home-Page Control is a plugin that lets you: * put pages on the same Permalink level (or higher) as the blog’s directory and * set which page you want to be the >home< page.”

Creating a Static Front Page at codex.wordpress

Wysiwyg Editor Plugin from SemioLogic lets you override the default rich text editor with FCKEditor, which is used in enterprise production environments by Oracle among others.” [updated to v2.4]
Also from SemioLogic:

The Custom Query String (CQS) plugin – writeup at Technical-Itch.co.uk; “that well known, this is a powerful plugin offering functionality I have been seeking for ages on my blog. The plugin allows you to specify how many pages to display on different sections of your blog, such as 5 posts on your home page, 10 posts on your archives, 30 posts on your search results, etc.”

Also of interest, “No Free Lunch; A Fundamentl Turn Towards Concurrency in Processing” explains why we don’t have 10GHz processors, not even 4GHz.

p.s. I’m also 1) updated my WYSIWYG codex page and 2) created a “The Loop” resources page there


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