*knock knock* Someone home?

Manage blogroll … oh, yaa, for sure, good idea, proper thing.

“Order by rank” …. uhh, yaa! So I can promote mine to the top of the list. Oh, “0” is default. So my top blog should have the higest rank, rrrright?
What?! Default “0” sets every single arbitray blog I add //above// the one I most want promoted? Isn’t that, well … brain-damaged?

Ohhhhhh more fun!
When I edit a blog’s Rank I find that “Order” has slipped back to “By Name”!
So not only do I need to change every arbitrary blog to something lower than my primary blog, but I have to remember to reset “Order” to By Rank”!
Goodie goodie … I didn’t have enough to do just now.

c’mon … really … doesn’t anybody ever beta-test this stuff?!


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