Buffer dump 22DEC07

An ace from Darren Hoyt: “Premium WordPress Themes and Other Concerns” … not just a truly fine over-view of “themes for $$$” but a thoughtful consideration of themes design.

From WordPressGarage: ZDNet says WordPress not clunky, but also not CMS:

“what struck me the most about this article was the Update at the end, where he says that he was corrected by Dennis Howlett, who pointed out that WordPress isn’t actually a CMS. This is something that I really don’t get. WordPress manages content, does it not? Then why isn’t it a CMS?”

HackWordPress.com writes: “There are a few [plugins], however, that every WordPress blog should be using in some form. Here is my list of the top plugins all WordPress blogs should be using, in no particular order”

A fascinating plugin utility: PlugInstaller, “a WordPress plugin-management plugin that eliminates the need to download a plugin archive, upload it to your FTP server and unpack it manually”.
Also from Henning Roland Schaefer, his Plugin Reviews. He writes, “On this page, I am reviewing some of the most useful plugins for wordpress. If you have found a plugin you find especially useful, or if you are a plugin author who wants to “spread the word” about her new plugin, you are welcome to suggest plugins to be reviewed here.”

Thanks to SmashingMagazine for this monster list: WordPress Plugins & Tutorials: Your Pick

From Corry Miller: “The First 5 Essential Tweaks I Do in a WordPress Blog Installation

[Intelligent breaks restored and corrected by cutting / pasting / running a TextPad macro / cutting / pasting *sigh*]

“Diagnostic Styling” by Eric Meyer at 24Ways.org (His self-declared “first 24Ways article”.)

At PSDXHTML.COM we do the hard work for you when it comes to your coding needs” … woo!


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  1. Dennis Howlett on

    WordPress is a very capable single person blog platform but has limitations once you move beyond that. It was never designed as a multi-user platform and does not have CM functionality of a kind business would normally expect to find. It can be force fitted but it is not ideal. Drupal, Joomla and MT are better alternatives.

  2. bentrem on

    @Dennis – A nice coincidence that your blog is a ZDNet! A discussion I’m taking part in at the moment is centered on ZDNet’s “WordPress vs. an army of clunky content management systems” by Dan Farber & Larry Dignan Also featuring David Berlind … over at WordPress garage.

    What I’m seeing there, and what I’ve encountered elsewhere, is that it becomes a matter of taxonomy; if it kinda quacks like a CMS, and more or less walks like a CMS … is it?

    Those who focus on where a system falls shorts say nae, and vice versa. Those who’ve had good experience with WP in some sort of group situation tend to call it CMS, with not too much view to correctness.

    My impulse is to suggest Drupal + WP, but realize how wrong I could be with regards to specifics.
    I’m about to download / install the former, and am compiling hard documents on WPMU.

    As for “never designed as a multi-user platform”, actually WordPerfect MultiUser was designed with precisely that in mind.

    BTW: I’m seeing Simple Machines come up as a player in this.

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