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Warning Real Work Ahead. This May Not Be For You

“Right up front, let me say that if you aren’t willing to invest some time and effort into your blog posts, if you are looking for push button solutions, if you are looking for the easy automated path to success, this post is going to greatly disappoint you. […] It means putting in the effort to take a couple extra minutes with each post and create from a couple to several whole new descriptions and titles for each post you add to your blog. I honestly don’t expect more than five or ten percent of people who seriously read and consider this method to even try it, let alone adopt it.”How To Create Unique Content On Every WordPress Tag And Category Page

Bring it on, I say!

*Gawd this editor sucks … WYSIWYG doesn’t even have HR, this lame-ass excuse for code view doesn’t show all code (Where are the paragraph breaks?! Wehere are the line breaks?!)

Here’s how stupid this lame-ass toy is: I enter a blank line, then <hr width=”45%”>, then another blank line … that’s pretty freakin’ obvious.
When I view the results? There’s whitespace on the line before the horizontal rule, but not the line following!!
And dig this: the horizontal rule is left justified. Now really … that’s just brain damaged.

No, don’t tell me: Automattic isn’t to blame cuz this WYSIWIG/Code editor was just rolled out yesterday. Or last week. Or last month. Right?

lazy buggers

Proof positive that people are total idiots: they get shitty interfaces and lap it up, they get shitty operating systems and lap that up, they get shitty sites and lap that up … pathologically stupid, the whole GD bunch of you.*

A good post … fuck it … such a GD pain in the GD ass to add a simple edit.

Know what? I usta think Automattic was pretty neat … used to … past tense.


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  1. bentrem on

    Hey! Programmers!

    Know what Code View is for? It’s to show HTML source … to show code … to allow editing code.

    I guess Automattic staff doesn’t know what HTML is so they hide it.

    Geeeeeeezus you people piss me off noooooooo end.

  2. Dane Morgan | Niche Blogging on

    Yep. The fancy editor sucks. I always turn it off first thing in a new blog and just use the code editor. Much better control over what your post will actually look like.

    Even in the code view, though you would have to specify the additional line space after the hr element.

  3. bentrem on

    Hey Dane – I was at your blog earlier this evening, after making note of your “Unique Content” post … you’re in my NetVibes “blogs” tab.

    I could sure do without WYSIWIG, but really … with apologies, WTF?! No, really, I expect better of WP and ‘mattic … that CodeView is toooooootally lame.

    “Specify additional line space after HR” sounds sensible. But note: an empty line (2 <br />? I can’t tell, cuz I can’t see the freakin’ source!!) before the HR results in, well, an empty line.
    But that same empty line /after/ the HR disappears?
    That’s insanity. I don’t like insanity. I won’t deal with insanity. When I see insanity I get paranoid … if they couldn’t give a damn about /that/ then what else did they arbitrarily decide to not give a damn about?!

    I wasn’t going to use this blog for ranting (I do that elsewhere) but honest to god … I was just starting to like WP … this is just lame stupid crap.

    BTW: I looked through 4 or 5 different Admin tabs to disable WYSIWIG. Didn’t find the switch to toggle. Boy, my bad cuz I’m dumb and lazy and sloppy and just generally incompetent.
    My point: crap like this reminds me of Win95 … always making the user feel stupid.


    *Honest to god, can’t even provide a simple “text only” source editor … lame. Really really really lame.*

  4. Dane Morgan | Niche Blogging on

    Click on the user tab and then edit your profile. There is a check box there for the rich editor. Un select that and save. Then you’ll be using a plain html box.

    I’ve wondered why they didn’t put a switch right on the post page in the past myself.

  5. bentrem on

    @dane – That placement is what I’m finding sadly typical … sorta ?what? one brick short of a load, know what I mean? And I’m being serious here: IA/cognitive ergonomics is a matter of common sense.

    So we have the option to disable the rather lame WYSIWYG and being stuck with the seriously lame source editor (after locating that check box).

    How’s this for a concept (quite apart from having workman-like editors): why not a choice of default? Or better yet (and this is implimented in another very popular blog-space … hint: it hosts “journals”) how about the post page present whatever had been used in the last session?
    That would require another detail in the cookie … not exactly a show-stopper.

    I don’t like the thought that first thing outta the box I have to start re-engineering core functons … color me disappointed.

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